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Art is for personal use only.

If you'd like to use any of my art any other reason, alter it, trace it, etc., please ask for proper permission and credit me.
If you find anyone or anything stealing my art, farming it, etc. please note me.




It's Oct. 19th! You know what that means? Of course you don't, I haven't told you yet!
It means it's time to go randomly encourage an artist (cuz Oct. 19 is such a special day)!
I'm kidding, but have you ever added someone to your watch list for a good 3 years or so, then took a look at the very first piece you liked from them and compared it to their art today? All the artists we've liked have improved in the past few years they've been on dA, more so in the past few years or so that they've been drawing!
And you know what? All artists work their butt off to make their next piece their best-- be it professionals or amateurs! Sometimes we artists stumble along the way and find it hard to get back up.
So it's time to go out there and encourage an artist-- any artist-- and tell them how far they've come!

hahahaaaa, that sounds really corny =w=
I'm serious, though. The more famous ones receive a lot of encouragement, but also get just as much pressure. The less experienced, aspiring artists don't get enough attention and are often forgotten or shunned.

By the way, to really see the improvement in an artist, try watching someone you think will improve greatly in the next few years! It doesn't have to be someone who draws well in your eyes, you could find the art really amateur for all you know, but in the next few years, pay attention to whatever art that person uploads.
It's a long wait and that improvement will be gradual, but one day you'll see this extraordinary piece of art in your watch messages and you'll realize it was that artist you watched a few years back. The growth *^*
Of course, that doesn't mean it'll always happen. There are times when the artist ditches dA and never comes back. Other times the artist doesn't improve all that quickly in the span of a few years. Still, it's worth a shot =w=
Cookie the Chef by Slimymush
Cookie the Chef
Wow, that difference from rough to final.
man, this piece was supposed to be a much lighter piece for the sake of relaxation, but it ended up taking me 7 hours :| Maybe it's because I was being sidetracked all over the place...
This is another OC of mine~! Not really, but I've been drawing him everywhere in my sketches. I don't know why, but he's been popping up in all sorts of sketches I do.
In the end, I thought why not?
I know I have prizes and commissions to get through OTL
I've been picking up and dropping them a lot. Sometimes I like the design, sometimes I think of better ones-- yeah they're not getting anywhere OTL

I'm thinking about making a 4koma for all these OCs.
Anyway, hopefully a comic will be getting through soon. It'll serve as practice and something I can do for fun when I'm bored and don't feel like doing anything better.

Everything belongs to me; do not use this piece without my permission.
Switch Meme - Tokyo Ghoul by Slimymush
Switch Meme - Tokyo Ghoul
With :iconca55i3: and :iconimalicii:
Meme was put together by :iconimalicii:
had lots of fun with this meme, ESPECIALLY colouring Kaneki. I LOVED the anime, but I think the manga was done much better. I REALLY love the OP.
Hide is absolutely underrated. He's such a great character. I cannot emphasize that enough. Honestly, his character, his perceptiveness, his thought process, they're all great. He's an awesome character, I highly recommend you actually take note of him rather than chuck him to the side because he's a side character and the protagonist's doofy best friend.
no download for you guys because the file size is way too big.
Konoha's State of the World by Slimymush
Konoha's State of the World
Actually, this wasn't meant to be a piece of fan art for that song, but then I thought "why not?" and went for it.

I was inspired to work with a type of colouring similar to watercolour, then gave up and went with this kind of colouring.
It's our beloved Konoha! because who doesn't love him?

Konoha belongs to Jin and Shidu. Art was done by me. Do not use this piece without my permission.


Artist | Student | Varied

Haru-Natsu-kodo Art Collection Tidbits and Q and AI announced fairly recently that I was going to release an art collection in July.
Haru = Spring
Natsu = Summer
kodo = last part of "Narukodo"
Really, I think I should've gone with Natsu-haRu-kodo
cuz then it would've been Na(tsu)(ha)rukodo - Narukodo
Whatever. When I made the name I was thinking more of Natsukodo/Narukodo rather than mixing both Haru and Natsu into Narukodo.
I figured I was going to forget about making this if I were to leave it until last minute, so I'll just leave this up for anyone who wants to ask questions regarding the art collection.
I recommend you read the description of the poster before you ask a question. All significant answered questions will be added to this journal in case someone else has the same question.

Working toward being an animator and/or video game developer *v*
Please note that if I don't reply to your comment, I've read it and I appreciate your comment.
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  • Please only watch me if you're fond of my art, or you are my friend. I have a problem with half-hearted watch-backs.

  • I am very slow at commissions and requests, especially when i am not motivated to do them.

Requests[CLOSED]|Commissions[OPEN]|Trades & Collab[OPEN]
Gifts: Friends only
I don't do kiribans


+++Thank you very much for your support!+++


I support random dancing llamas! by BrunaLHLlama Stamp by LazulinaSuper Llama Stamp by Mel-Roseyllama love by rainylakei support random llamas stamp by silver-escapellama by o-pieI Support the Rainbow Llama by fear-the-brillianceI WANT LLAMA CAKE by ShaunSP
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Art Block Stamp by Khrinx
Every artist's nightmare

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